Save the Grease Monkey

We’re all primates.



It’s up to us.
It’s Save the Senior Grease Monkey Month.


Who’s going to teach the young monkey’s?
Grease Monkeys have their own vocal system of grunts and howls that only they understand.
These proud primates only want a hand, not a handout.

Show some Monkey Love!

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I Love My Monkey

Don’t let the Silver-haired Seniors go extinct.
Thunder Avenue is dedicated to bringing awareness to the forgotten Grease Monkey.
A new pair of coveralls or a new hat always makes a Monkey happy.

Most Senior Grease Monkeys need more.
Over the years many have hoarded boxes and boxes of shiny objects.
They can be ornery and don’t share well.

100% of the net proceeds of your purchase go to support a Senior Grease Monkey.

Totes, Coffee Cups, and The Best Napping Pillow You’ll ever use!