Event promotion – DIY

I’ve thought about this a lot.
Obviously if I run an events page I would.
The best way for me to explain is to tell you how I would do this job.
In the most low budget way possible.

This will work no matter the size of the event.
The longer you have to plan, the better.
Garage sales, birthdays, car racing, motorcycle rides, and you name it.
What do I mean it will work?
You will have a platform to sell.
You still have to sell it.

Here we go.
Let’s say I’m in Bubba’s motorcycle club.
“All Bubba All The Time!”

For this story we’ll call the Bubba Motorcycle Club the BMC.
The BMC has an annual charity event ride.
The BMC, “Save the Baby Bears” ride.

Now I have the job to promote this ride on zero budget.
For under $100 you could get the recommended upgrade version.
I’ll explain as I go.

Who, what, where, when, why, and how?
That’s the story you need to tell.
Where to tell it?

Remember, all the things in bold should be on all the things mentioned below.
The W,W,W,W,W,H

The first place is a digital flyer.
Ask friends for help if needed, make it as nice as you are able.

Next, A simple web page.
Display your flyer image and in the text area and repeat all of the details.
Words matter, tell a complete story.
My choice for simple, secure, and free is Blogger.
No ads.
Since the BMC has decided to make this an annual event we’ll upgrade.
For $25 or less you may also choose a unique domain name for this site.
That is the entire cost of the secure page for one year.

This web page is a sales tool.
Both for fans and participants as well as sponsors.
In the side bar on your web page should be your sponsor’s logo with a thank you and a link to their business.
This is something that you can point to, to let them know you appreciate them.
It will also inspire others to support your cause.

You also should write a post gushing over their help.
Mentioning their name often.
In time you will get more visitors from people searching for your sponsors who also see your post.

Post event info.
After the event you should write about it.
Include pictures with explanation.
People love to see themselves. Selfie’s exhibit #1.

Next, Social Media.
Choose one or two platforms.
To keep it simple, with your web page and one or two platforms you are able to make changes.
Rain dates and so on.
The one or two platforms you create are where you and the club will send people for information.

I like both Facebook and InfinitySN, (InfinitySN is new and still growing).
Both offer dedicated pages for charity or business use.
Both offer a way to produce event pages.
FB is more advanced so that’s the one I’ll be talking about.

I’ve basically reproduced my web page on my Facebook “Save the Baby Bear’s” BMC charity page.
I’ll also tell the story of how Bubba, the club founder, saved two baby bears from certain death.
Share pics from last years ride.
I’ll just tell our story.

Now the events page.
Just fill in all the blanks!
This is the most useful thing FB has done.
If you set this up correctly it will help you in a few very nice ways.
THE NAG! I Love the NAG!
Your friends are going, your friends are interested, here’s an event near you, that NAG.
The statistics will also help you know how your event is selling.

Then Just Share!
You know how to share on the internet.

I’ve only spent $25 of my upgrade money.
Next, I’m buying business cards online cheap.
$50 should buy several hundred cards.
On the cards, the organization name, web addresses to the web page and social sites, event name, location, date and time.
The club gets 100 cards each to hand out.

The last $25 on a FB targeted ad five days before the event, only $25 and no more.

Finally, we’re dealing with a short attention span audience.
Short videos explaining how urgent your event is will help.
Just like on TV… (start sad music) for only $3,000 a month you can save a biker…

If it was my job, that is how I’d do it.

Mister B.



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