Advertise and make money

In my last post I talked about setting up a web and social media presence for events.
Event Promotion – DIY good for small business, charities, or groups working with a small budget.

This time it’s about a continuing advertising source that will also bring some income.
Are you sitting down? Did you bring your wallet? Good.

It’s free except for a little time and talent.
Wait! There’s more!

This is for small operations.
Limited time and resources.
For some small businesses, small race teams or even small tracks this is the perfect solution.
You may already have some of what you will need.


The logo on the cup above could be on any number of products.
It’s from, upload your image and choose the products best suited for your operation.


So many products to imprint your message on!
Too many to list.

One of the many possibilities, posters.
Good pictures of your race track, race car, or the line up for the race could be up for sale today.
Price low if you want help advertising or price higher to make money.


This is great for your annual events as well.
Year round advertising.
Making dated group pictures from each year available would be a collector trophy.

Pre or post event tee shirt sales, past event tee shirt sales.
Use the art from your past event shirts or the flyer to create a shirt, cup or poster.

I wore a shirt yesterday from, it has my Thunder Avenue message on it.
I can’t count how many times it’s been washed, it’s still in great condition.
We have coffee mugs, our own designs, they are excellent!
If you upload quality they will give you quality products.

They do all the printing and shipping, as well as sales.
Yes, you get a check!

The list of products is long, phone cases, hand bags, pillows, tee shirts, posters, and way too much more.
Who wants to see their race car on a phone case?

More Benefit!
Even if you don’t sell a thing you’ll get a good discount on everything for your own use.
Pick-up promo items to hand out.
Get your crew in matching shirts.
Winter is coming so are the holidays, a nice hoodie could be good this fall.

Mister B.

To be upfront, I make a dollar if you sign-up for, I make five if you sell something. (it’s just one time, I could earn a whopping $6)
I’ve said I use and trust them to do good work.
Because it’s true.

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