The Tire Lung

Stop waisting old tire air!

THE TIRE LUNGStop changing your tire air every season.
Thunder Avenue Industries new tire air refresher.
Stale tire air really stinks.

Stop stale, toxic, nasty, tire air.
Save the planet!

Reduce tired tire air emissions.
Recycle your tire air.
Save it and scrub it often.

The built-in dehumidifier reduces rim corrosion.
Extracting and eliminating the ambient atmospheric moisture.
Preserving performance and protecting your wheels.

Incorporating innovative proprietary elements  “The Tire Lung”  is leading the way.
The Tire Lung makes it easy to manage a long overlooked important maintenance task.

Our engineers have enhanced currently available space age technology.
Super high flow, high-pressure scrubber filters.
Ultra-sensitive, pressure safe sniffer probes.
Accurate gauge, adjustable pressure regulator.

Award-winning and patent pending.

Nitrogen mixture conditioner.
Spin scent  – slow leak notifier gas injection.


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