About Thunder Avenue

This is an in-home low budget mom and pop operation.
This is the end of the second year of a four year plan.

I’ve been studying this motorsport event business for a while.
Not the details of the race or drivers as much as the presentation.

I want to see more small tracks using the resources available.
Some do it now, but for good reasons, most should.
I’m talking about a live video feed.
It’s a historical archive and could be a very good source for present and future advertising.
On some platforms, it could also become a source of direct income.

It’s free to use and the time and equipment aren’t that much.

I’ve researched the next steps for Thunder Avenue.
I’m currently choosing software to add events and directory on this site.
One that will be able to migrate Facebook as well as a direct addition of new events.
For now, we will continue to use the FB platform for our events and directory.

I’m looking for tracks and fans at tracks to go live with me on my page.
I can offer a platform and we both might acquire new fans.

The other thing that seems to be missing is the use of audio and print media.
I’m talking about eye-catching flyers and epic race day audio.

Those old-school style 30 seconds am radio clips set to your digital flyer is perfect.
Today we have a short time to gain attention.

I have many ideas and I’m working to make them happen.

Mister B.