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Automotive DIY Tech

I’ve been a mechanic my whole life.
Before Youtube, we had technical manuals to consult.
We’ve still got those and they are still great.

Watching a tutorial is often better.
One of the featured items for our site will be DIY or Do it yourself.
Today for the first of these I searched Youtube for “Automotive DIY”.
As is often the case the top results may not be as relevant as one would hope.

The presentation here is very good.
Good skills in video work.

The content is lacking. Five tips?
Well maybe.

Judging by the thumb up and down guide 45% agree with me.

I seriously use these type videos for my own maintenance needs.
I’ll look at maybe as many as five on the same topic.
Often each one will reveal a little more to complete the task at hand.

As time goes on we’ll see more on the technical help videos.