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Rocket 88

1956 Oldsmobile Olds Super 88 Convertible

Widely acknowledged as the first “rock and roll” song.
The Rocket 88 was highly desired by the hip crowd.

A V8 motor baby, it’s modern design
Black convertible top and the girls don’t mind
Sportin’ with me riding all around town with joy.

The song was first recorded in 1951 in Memphis Tennessee.
The Oldsmobile 88 is a full-size car that was sold and produced by Oldsmobile from 1949 until 1999.


Man Up

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A little Hot Rod Lincoln history

I wondered if there was any story behind the song Hot Rod Lincoln, found my answer on Youtube.

This image is from https://www.rodauthority.com more great information on the Hot Rod Lincoln there.

It belonged to a man named Charlie Ryan.
It was his car and his song.

Commander Cody and The Lost Planet Airmen performed the most famous version of the song.

Check out the videos.

Awesome car! Great history!

Now Charlie Ryan.

Rest in Peace Charlie Ryan, your work lives on.